Who we Are

The Global Refugee Leaders Forum (GRLF) is one among the Projects of the Collective of Youth Organizations for Solidarity in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Coordination of North Kivu. The GRLF seeks to advance the struggle for the effective protection of refugees in DRC in particular and in the Great Lakes Region of Africa in general and elsewhere in the world. GRLF puts a particular attention of the empowering Refugee Leaders, creating opportunities for their protection and strengthening their efforts already existing, and lastly we aim at encouraging refugees to form groups of various interests in order to defend better their rights.

GRLF will strive for a true solidarity among refugees and among refugee leaders around the Global in order to put in place various interventions towards especially those who are forgotten, in this more attention will be driven to the situation of refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other refugees in the world who are marginalized.

The GRLF will have its headquarters in Goma, the Touristic Capital City of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and will have branches in various countries in the world, working directly with refugee leaders.

Our five pillars

These are the key pillars which constitute our focus at GRLF

1. The Protection of Refugee Leaders and Refugee Human Rights Defenders
2. The Empowerment and strengthening of refugee leaders and refugee human rights defenders
3. The Promotion, protection and Defense of refugee Rights,
4. Promotion of solidarity among refugees,
5. Relief Aid to refugees