About the Global Refugee Leaders Forum

We are an organization which was started by refugees and former refugees working for the promotion of refugee rights, and for the promotion of peace, human rights, good governance, democracy and quality leadership in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. We focus particularly on refugee rights in DRCongo and elsewhere in the world when we can. We do mostly research and advocacy for all refugee issues, human rights and peace in the Great Lakes Region of Africa and in other parts of the world as we can.

Why did we decide to exist?

Because we observed massive refugee rights violations both as victims and witnesses and at the same time there are no much efforts from communities themselves to challenge this and try to improve the situation. Refugees continue being exposed to many human rights violations and the causes why people become refugees continue to surface in various places in this world mainly in Africa which are connected to poor leadership, violence, tribal conflicts, dictatorship, abuses of human rights, poor leadership and lack vision for development, and hungry of power. Through this organization we believe that we shall shape a new way for this refugee generation will be drivers of democracy, respect of human rights, peace quality leadership and sustainable development in the region.


Our Vision:

A world or a society in which victims and vulnerable are masters of their own destiny and decide by themselves about their fate or future”,


“To holistically empower the weak and marginalized in order to make them overcome the state of victimization through training, advocacy, research, and lobbying”,


Article 2: Objectives, Head Office, Range and Duration


The Global Refugee Leaders Forum pursues the following objectives:


  • To identify, network and train all refugee leaders around the world,
  • To build a strong solidarity and Cooperation among refugee Leaders in the world,
  • To participate effectively in decision making about refugees, and echo the voice of refugees,
  • To facilitate social, economic and cultural integration and reintegration of the refugees in the world,
  • To promote the spirit of fraternity, unity, solidarity and mutual aid among members of the refugee communities in the world,
  • To facilitate social, economic and professional interaction of refugees in the world,
  • To disseminate different culture within the refugee communities as well as the promotion of their cultures in all their diversity in the world,
  • To provide the refugees with a frame of reference, exchange, sharing and meeting space with the spirit of promoting unity in diversity,
  • To favor the spirit of fraternity, unity, solidarity and mutual aid within members of the refugee communities,
  • To settle a framework for facilitating the amicable resolution of disputes among the refugees,
  • To educate refugee people to respect and promote the laws of the host country, principals of human rights, civil responsibilities as well as peaceful settlement of conflicts;
  • To work with organizations dealing with human right issues to promote and protect the refugees’ interests and rights in Uganda,
  • To support the sustainable development initiatives in the world,
  • To build and develop partnerships with United Nations organizations and agency for both development and humanitarian issues,
  • To educate the refugee constituency to respect the environment, reducing pollution and sanitation within their respective areas,
  • To promote innovative solutions for refugees in the world and promote various intereventions for refugee leaders at risk,

Global Refugee Leaders Forum (GRLF) based in North Kivu – D.R. Congo. “Refugees are not the problem but they have problems”.

Promoting Refugee Rights, Quality Leadership, Good Governance, Peace and Democracy and Humanitarian Accountability:

Key Activities: Legal Assistance, Civic Eduaction, Research and Advocacy, Urgent Actions, Shelter House, Guidance and Counseling, Adult Education, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, HIV/AIDs, SGBV, Computer Training and English Lessons among others.

Tel: +243853191163  email: contactrdc@globalrefugeeleaders.org

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Target: Refugees, Internally Displaced People and all forms of Migrants in DRCongo and in other ountries where we are present.