Members of the Global Refugees Leaders Forum (GRLF) include:

  1. Refugee Leaders anywhere,
  2. Refugees anywhere,
  3. Former refugees anywhere,
  4. Refugees who have returned back home,
  5. Any person interested in refugee issues anywhere,

Who is a Refugee Leader?

A refugee leader can be any person who is a refugee and who is helping other refugees in their different problems, he/she helps refugees to get solutions to their problems, shares information with refugees, gives orientation to refugees and connects refugees to other stakeholders.

A refugee leader is also any refugee who refugee who leads a group, association, organization, or any other initiative of refugees anywhere in the world, some among these initiatives may be Football Teams, Saving Groups, Music Group, Refugee Community Leaders, Refugee Religious Leaders among others.

Who is a Refugee Human Rights Defender?

A refugee human rights defender is any refugee in the world who is involved in the defense of refugee rights mainly civic and political refugee rights such as refugee governance among others, and other refugee rights such as identity, and defending refugee interests.