Focal Points in the world

Here are our various Focal Points in different parts in the world

The Democratic Republic of Congo

Rodha Mukeshimana, our Country Representative in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Rodha is a Rwandan refugee, who came to the DRC in 1994 and lives on Congolese soil with refugee status.

Rodha was Urban Refugee Representative in Goma, North Kivu and continues her activism to promote Refugee Rights in the DRC. She is too active in the areas of refugee protection, and heavily involved in advocacy activities to improve the situation of refugees.

Rodha always raises awareness among refugees about their rights, shares with refugees all necessary information, orients and guides refugees, and is one of the people who understand the situation of refugees in the DRC very well, she is in contact with several refugee leaders in the DRC and outside the DRC.

Kazadi Bwatu William, our representative in Kinshasa DRCongo

Kazadi is a Congolese citizen from the central DRC, he grew up in North Kivu, in 2002 he was forced to seek asylum in Uganda where he was granted a refugee status. In 2008 Kazadi became the Congolese Urban Refugee Representative in Kampala. Due to his activism on various refugee issues, Kazadi became an enemy of the refugee regime, he was persecuted in various ways and suffered arbitrary arrests. This forced him to run away from Uganda in order to seek shelter in other countries, later on in 2022 Kazadi was obliged to return back to DRC where he is now living in Kinshasa.He is a lawyer and strong advocate on refugee issues, specialized in matters related to refugee protection with knowledge on best practices for the protection of refugees.

ANICET NIZEYIMANA, our Refugee Leader Focal Point in Great Katanga, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Am ANICET NIZEYIMANA by the name from Rwanda, a refugee in the Democratic Republic of Congo, I have a training and qualified in Organizations and Companies Administration; I have a wider knowledge and experience of working on refugees in D.R.Congo and focus my work on refugees in different parts in DRC, but also interact with refugees in various countries such as in Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic. In addition to that, I was elected as an Advisor of Refugees Committee in order to work together with UNHCR in finding Durable Solutions for those in need in Great Katanga, the Democratic Republic of Congo.




Uhusiano Basebanya Joseph, our Country Representative in Uganda

I am Uhusiano Basebanya Joseph, a Male Congolese Refugee Human Rights Activist, based in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement Focal. I am also a member of Kyangwali Refugee Local Leaders, I’m from South Kivu the Democratic Republic of Congo, I hold a Bachelor Degree in Social Science. I have been trained in the field of human rights both in DRC and in Uganda, and also trainings is some specific laws, I also do more in civic education among refugees. I have been involved in various community work and also attended some trainings on refugee welfare, in conflict resolution, peace and pacific cohabitation. As one among the refugee leaders in Kyangwali I’m involved in various refugee civic rights, advocating for the better governance of refugees, and involving refugees in strong leadership. I’m highly involved in research and advocacy for the well-being of refugees on issues of refugee rights and the whole refugee governance in Uganda and in the region.

 Justin KWIZERIMANA RWAMAKUBA, our focal point in Kyangwali Refugee Camp, Uganda

He is a refugee human rights defender living in Kyngwali Uganda, he came from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He holds a Diploma in Psychology and Education and has attended different trainings on refugee issues in Uganda. In DR Congo before 2015 when he was forced to run away, he worked with a Human Right Organization as a protection officer and my roles were to follow up cases, visiting different areas of detention in all the Rutshuru territory including monitoring cases at the High Court of Rutshuru and collaborating with MONUSCO (the United Nations Mission in DRC). With his 8 years experiences in human rights field work, promotion and defending human rights in the refugee setting, mobilize and  sensitize the community about human rights, gender based violence, promote equity and equality in the community, has been his core focus.  His dream is to contribute towards the effective observance of human rights in general but in particular the respect of refugee rights in Uganda and in other parts in the world.

Kibwila Jules, our Focal Point in Nakivale Refugee Camp in Uganda

KIBWILA Jules, is a Congolese refugee in Uganda since 2017 fleeing his Country due to the persecution. He holds a Degree in Public Law from the University in DRC, he served in different capacities in Courts and he is a strong and active legal defender. He has also benefited from various trainings in Human Rights and he is the coordinator of refugee human rights defenders in Nakivale Refugee Camp in Uganda since 2019. Jules is also involved in research and advocate work for refugees and other vulnerable people, and he is a trainer of various skills to refugees including Civic Education and Financial literacy. He is eager and devoted to advocate for the rights of Refugees in particular and the Human rights at large.

Amani Karume – Human Rights Defender, our focal point in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement/ Uganda working on issues of refugee sexual minorities and other marginalized refugees who suffer from stigma.

Born in the vibrant city of Bukavu, South Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I, Amani Karume, have traversed a path marked by resilience, courage, and a steadfast commitment to refugee rights. Fleeing my native land due to escalating insecurity, I found sanctuary in Uganda, where I now reside as a refugee in the Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, located in the Kyegegwa District. This transition, though fraught with challenges, only strengthened my resolve to stand up for those who, like me, have been displaced by force.My academic journey led me to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management, providing a solid foundation for my quest to advocate for the rights and welfare of marginalized communities. Since 2010, I have dedicated myself to the field of human rights advocacy, focusing particularly on defending the rights of minorities, including individuals with disabilities, people with albinism, and members of the LGBTI community.Centered in the Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, my work involves tireless advocacy for the rights of refugees, a commitment I have upheld since 2010. As an activist, my role extends beyond advocacy; it is about being a voice for the voiceless, a beacon of hope in adversity, and a relentless fighter for justice and equality.My personal experiences as a refugee have profoundly shaped my empathy and understanding of the struggles faced by others in similar situations. Driven by the belief that every individual deserves to live with dignity and have their rights respected, I continue to work towards a world where equality and justice are not merely ideals, but realities for all. My life’s work is a testament to this belief, as I advocate for a world of fairness and respect for every human being.

Elisha Byalungwe, our focal point in Rwamwanja Refugee Camp in Ugnada

I am Elisha Byalungwe, a dedicated humanitarian advocate born in Bukavu South Kivu in D.R. Congo, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Education from the Teachers Training College (ISP) in Bukavu, complemented by a Diploma in Project Management from Alison University, Ireland. This foundation has not only shaped his professional journey but also his commitment to advocating for the marginalized and vulnerable sector of the society mainly refugees in Uganda.

His career has been a testament to his dedication, having worked with esteemed International Humanitarian Organizations such as The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Finnish Church Aid, and AVSI Foundation in Refugee Settlements in Uganda, where he is currently residing. With the desire to alleviate the plight of other refugees he has at the forefront of efforts to provide relief, support, and empowerment to displaced communities. Furthermore, as the Board Chairperson of the Association of Refugees with Disabilities, he has championed the rights and inclusion of refugees with disabilities, showcasing his commitment to advocacy and social justice.

Today, he stands as a consultant for unprivileged people, focusing on refugees with disabilities, albinos, and the LGBTQ community. His work is driven by a belief in equality, dignity, and the right to opportunity for all, irrespective of their background or challenges they face. In this journey, he remains dedicated to making a meaningful difference, leveraging my skills and experiences to advocate for those who need it most.

Musilikare Hilari Marcel our focus point on Rwandan refugees in Kampala working on political persecution and refugee governance in Uganda. 

My name is Musilikare Hirari Marcel,a Rwandan by nationality but currently a political refugee who was granted refugee status by the government of Uganda in 2007.I hold degree in Public Relations. I am a Rwandan Refugee Community Activist with a mission to engage with the state institutions for the promotion and protection of Refugees rights without any discrimination of any form presenting a number of cases mishandled among Rwandan Refugee Community, I’m strongly involved in advocacy against killings and deportation of Rwandan refugees, because of this struggle I’m among those who are highly wanted, blackmailed and blacklisted by the refugee regime in Uganda. As a human rights activist endure a number of life threats for very many years and continue receiving on daily basis as long as I never take distance from reporting the mafia activists that continue to endanger freedom and welfare of our fellow refugees in hosting country. The failure of the UNHCR and international community to recognize the severity and scope of the Rwandan government’s human rights violations both domestically and abroad, as well as the ruling party’s growing hostility toward those it perceives as challenging its nearly 30 years in power, have left many Rwandans with nowhere to turn. Holding Rwanda accountable for its dismal domestic human rights record is now a necessity to tackle the government’s extraterritorial repression.


Kanybil Albino Noon, Our Focal in Kenya

He is South Sudanese Human Rights Defender living in exile in Kenya after escaping from South Sudan National Security that hunted him because of his activism on the field of human rights in South Sudan. He is registered refugee in Kenya where he is still active in the field of refugee rights but also at the same time working together with his fellow human rights defenders in South Sudan.  He holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Noon remains optimistic and eager to help other refugee leaders and refugee HRDs in Kenya to advocate for better environment in which refugees will enjoy their rights but also encouraging his fellow to work for peace, good governance and democracy in their countries of origin, which is part of lasting solution that can help refugees to go back one day.

South Sudan

Ter Manyang Gatwech, our Focal Point for South Sudan

Human Rights Award Winner 2023 for the Greater Upper Nile of South Sudan

 Current Executive Director of the center for Peace and Advocacy (CPA) and Chairperson of Civil Society Coalition on Defense of Civic Space (CSCDCS) in Juba, South Sudan. He is dedicated Human Rights Defender  who has experienced numerous challenges including encountering death threats, harassment, and physical violence from various actors, including state security forces, armed groups, and powerful individuals because they don’t want to expose human rights abuses, accountability, and advocate for social justice for all in South Sudan. For the last 10 years Ter has been involved in human rights advocacy and this led to his recognition by the South Sudan Human Rights Defenders Network (SSHRDN) in 2023. Ter Manyang has suffered moments in exile in Uganda and in Kenya because of his activism in human rights and this attracted his attention on the situation of refugee rights which he also stands for in South Sudan.