After the observations that more than 70% of the workload towards the protection of refugees was in the hands and services of other refugees who help others in difficult situations, after observing that in most cases these unique refugee leaders work on their own efforts, are not supported, some lack experience, they face numerous challenges and they have no one to support them, after observing that some expose themselves to risks and are often excluded from services by humanitarian relief agencies, after observing that refugee leaders, refugee human rights defenders, refugee opinion leaders and other vocal refugees are highly discriminated and most actors do not know much what they are doing, we opted to create this forum which intends to challenge this situation in order to offer and create better working environment to refugee leaders in the world.

The Global Refugee Leaders Forum was created in 2014 in Uganda by people who have lived in exile and who viewed it necessary to focus on those who carry the heavy burden or other refugees, mainly refugee leaders.

The Global Refugee Leaders Forum (GRLF) is one among the ambitious projects of the Collective of Youth Organizations for Solidarity in the Democratic Republic of Congo, known as COJESKI/DRC Coordination of North Kivu. GRLF focuses on issues affecting forced migrants everywhere in the world and seek to empower, strengthen and build a strong leadership capacity of Refugee Leaders in the World. So our primary target population among forced migrants are Refugee Leaders,

We are a Refugee Leaders Forum for advocacy working for the promotion of Peace and Human Rights, Quality Leadership, Democracy and Good Governance on issues surrounding refugees and other forced migrants in the world.

Vision: A world where refugee leaders are empowered and fully supported to explore their potential,

Mission: To strengthen and create better opportunities for refugee leaders through advocacy and service delivery,

We are a community initiative for the promotion peace, human rights, democracy and good governance. We are focused of refugees and support various communities of forced displaced people  through empowerment and capacity building.