Find out on the very first Zoom Meeting with Refugee Leaders in Goma the Democratic Republic of Congo

*10 Refugee Leaders in Goma DRC attended theirr first Zoom Meeting yesterday Sunday*
All around one Laptop at our offices in Goma DRC, 10 Refugee Leaders had a two hours meeting using Zoom for their first time. (Report on the first very Zoom Meeting in Goma
The Zoom meeting brought together 10 Refugee Leaders based in Goma and 20 other Refugee Leaders in various countries.
The meeting focused on the situation of refugees in DRCONGO, the problems, the possible ways to improve the situation of refugees in DRCONGO and the involvement of refugee leaders at various levels.
The meeting also discussed the Commemoration of the very first memorial of the Genocide against Refugees in DRC, which will take place in October 2023 in DRCongo.