Thank you GlobalGiving for the funding to support our efforts towards the survivors of the flooding in Kinshasa and Kindu.

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Our team in Kinshasa and in Kindu was mobilized to help all those affected by the flooding right from the beginning, we are still engaged towards the recovery of the victims in order to acquire a decent housing, an Income Generating Activity, and putting in place some social services such as Community Schools, Community Markets among others.

From the very day of the flooding, we intervened and saved those we could and spared others from the worst, now we are also engaged to help them recover normal life again. However this disaster helped us to draw some lessons and observed the direct linkage between disaster and poverty and knowledge among others.

We cannot do this alone, and for this we are pleased with the financial support we received from GlobalGiving which has paved away forward for a lasting solutions. With this support we have so far identified 1,700 victims in Kinshasa, among them we also identified the most vulnerable such as the elderly, single women, unaccompanied minors, and young girls’ victims of sexual exploitation among others. We are also now able to establish the direct victims who lived in the affected areas and the indirect victims who only operated businesses in the affected areas. We have also engaged with the communities and have now established the priorities in terms of interventions.

While the debate has existed between relocating the victims to another land which should be acquired and the desire to improve the affected land in order to make it safer for the people to return to their land. After consultations with the affected communities they told us that they do not want to be relocated and that all efforts should be deployed to make these areas safer for them. This is because they have bondage to the land, the existing of economic opportunities in these areas and the facility to connect with their relatives among other opportunities.

We need funding for the following:

To construct a Wall which will stop water from the banks of Mondo River,

To support the victims with Income Generating Activities,

To train them in different life-skills including Adult Literacy Programme,

To build schools and community markets,

To plant trees and collect garbage,

To develop the canalization of water when it rains, and collect all the used battles from the rivers,

And lastly to develop life-skills and talents from the young people, and empower with community problem solving through leadership,

We have initiated a fundraising campaign for this cause, please help us generously, through this link: Short link:

Jean Pascal Mugaruka