Rwandan Refugees in DRCongo are not Political Tools and they are not a military serve, they are victims looking for protection

COMMUNIQUE TO POLITICAL ACTORS, THE CIVIL SOCIETY AND DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS TO END THE USE OF REFUGEES IN DRC FOR POLITICAL ENDS: Asking for dialogue in Rwanda as a condition for the return of refugees is a violation of the 1951 Geneva Convention, and the OAU of 1969 on the situation of refugees in Africa and threatens their protection.

Recognizing the heavy responsibility of sharing accurate knowledge on the protection of refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to combat myths, stereotypes, ignorance and above all to push actors to end the use of refugees for political ends. We are always available to share our ideas on this point.

We have already observed statements from political actors, civil society as well as development partners who seem to argue on “Political Dialogue in Rwanda” as a lasting and definitive solution to the problem of Rwandan refugees in the DRC. We recall that “refugees are victims in search of protection and never, refugees should be considered as political actors nor a military reserve“. The DRC therefore owes protection and security to all these refugees on its territory, regardless of the situation in their countries of origin.

It is a duty of the country of origin, of UNHCR, and of other partners to create conditions which favor the Voluntary Repatriation of Refugees to their country of origin, this should neither be a political claim by the refugees nor a request for the DRCongo. Finally, we continue to remind everyone that the DRC is a member state of the United Nations and has all the solutions proposed by the UN to respond to the problem of refugees (Local Integration, Resettlement, and Voluntary Repatriation), but also the promotion of our cultural and religious values ​​to foreigners, and even OAU solutions.

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