Calling for partnership to support the more than 8million Internally Displaced Persons in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Letter to local authorities in order to start our activities in IDP Camps around Goma

The situation of IDPs in DRComgo remains tragic and characterize a human disaster, often unknown or sometimes not having accurate information. Questions remains and need answers on issues of peace as lasting solution, on eradication of poverty among the affected communities in order to promote resilience but also on approaches that are being put in place in order to respond to this crisis. However above all these important questions, now people have to survive the next day, as we debate we should also at the same time ensure people are safe.

We now come together to provide information to the public about the situation of people in Internally Displaced Camps in the Democratic Republic of Congo starting from these camps around Goma, North Kivu.

Call for partnership to support our various interventions towards the Internally Displaced Persons in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Currently it is now a consensus, DRC faced one among the biggest forgotten humanitarian crisis in the world, with more than 8million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and more than 3million refugees from neighboring countries, still the Democratic Republic of Congo seems marginalized at the international level.

Yet there are efforts we can deploy in order to address and contribute towards the lasting solutions, first of all in a big country like DRC, it is ironical to have IDP camps and at the same fail to manage refugee issues. Actions could be therefore oriented towards addressing the root causes of internal conflicts in DRCongo, participate in effective management of humanitarian relief, and strongly mobilize the international towards the humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Research, advocacy and the dissemination of the information are key in order to influence decisions through evidence based approach. We therefore urgently partners in the field of research and advocacy and information sharing.

There is also a great need to promote transparency in the whole aid relief process right from donors to the recipients in DRCongo, and at the same promote the participation of the targeted population in decision making on how best the relief aid can be effective. Information about aid relief in DRCongo is extremely limited and hard to access to the public, it is therefore important to encourage humanitarian relief agencies to provide information to the public. At the same time there is an urgent need to promote discussions among the concerned people on how the relief aid will be effective. And lastly to ensure that the concerned people are fully informed and can play a role in order to influence decisions through effective participation.

On top of that we have also proposed the following activities for both IDPs and the host communities.

Charcoal Project:

Our Charcoal Project in Goma, North Kivu – DRCongo

In all the four IDPs Camps we visited around Goma (Kanyaruchina, Don Bosco, Rusayu and Bulengo), there are serious problems connected to charcoal and this has even claimed lives on so many people, and many others are victims of different forms of violence especially women. In order to solve this problem we do propose this charcoal which is fabricated from rest over of the normal charcoal. We intend then to call all rubbish and dust from charcoal in order to make this new one which is more effective, can take long, and is too cheap and easily accessible from the camps. We therefore call upon partners to join us in order to ensure that a big number of IDPs is protected by solving the charcoal problem.

Fighting Sexual and Gender Based Violence

Sexual and Gender Based Violence is one among issues battling with in IDPs camps and among the host communities, activities aiming at the promotion of sexual and reproductive health rights are still missing. So we call upon partners to join us in this field also in order to reduce the negative impact.

The fight against HIV/AIDs

With a focus on the prevention through awareness our activities will focus on proving true information, challenging myths and stereotypes, and challenging stigma, coupled with all the necessary preventive measures. We also call upon interested partners to join us and address this together.

Here is the copy of the letter already addressed to various stakeholders.

Done in Goma, North Kivu, the Democratic Republic of Congo.