We call upon UNHCR to stop support to armed and political refugees in Rwanda and Uganda and claim the protection of all Rwandan Refugees in DRCongo

We call on UNHCR to urgently end the Politicization and Militarization of Refugees in Uganda, Rwanda, DRCongo in order to destabilize the Democratic Republic of Congo, these UNHCR great mistakes should be rectified quickly. We cannot anymore boast ourselves for protecting Congolese refugees in Uganda and Rwanda, but we must boast for doing all we can to ensure Congolese do not run away from their villages in DRCongo.

Congolese refugees in Kisoro Uganda when they fled the fighting of M23 in 2022

Since 1996 a group of people among them some refugees invaded DRCongo on ground that they wanted the Congolese Nationality, but UNHCR remained silence, on top of that Rwanda invaded DRCongo on ground that refugees are posing a problem to the security of Rwanda, and UNHCR remained silent, Rwanda has since then advanced the same pretext up to now, which has forced more than 3millions Congolese to run away from their country, more than 10 million massacred, more than 6 million Congolese in IDPs Camps and unknown millions of Rwandan Refugees massacred in DRCongo.

Over the years, UNHCR and other actors in the region have portrayed a negative identity about Rwandan refugees in DRCongo in order to create excuse for Rwanda to maintain military invasion against DRCongo, and up to now there has never been a debate on the issue surrounding Rwandan refugees in DRCongo.

All armed groups that have been exported to DRCongo were fabricated both in Uganda and in Rwanda and mobilized among refugee population since 1996 up to date, and UNHCR remained silent over the years up to now.

We remind the UNHCR in these countries Uganda, Rwanda, and DRCONGO that the Refugees are neither military reserves nor political activists, but rather victims in search of protection under the responsibility of UNHCR together with the host states.

We remind UNHCR that the refugee status is incompatible with Political and Military activities according to the 1951 Geneva Convention and the 1969 African Union Convention and the host of refugees is exclusively a humanitarian act and cannot be amalgamated to politics.

A group of people claiming Congolese Refugee status in Rwanda continue to hold Public Demonstrations in Rwanda in support of M23 Terrorists as they are totally opposed against the Congolese National Army, and UNHCR in Rwanda has remained silent about these refugee political activities, find more here

The DRCongo Army recently indicated that  that part of the Tutsi in DRCongo are fleeing towards Rwanda to legitimize the aggression of the DRCONGO by Rwanda, as a political move in order to justify that they are not protected in DRCongo.

Unfortunately most of them are claiming a refugee status once in Rwanda yet they are no serious threats against them in DRCongo and the refugee status is not the only option for them in DRCongo but also the DRCongo has not failed to protect them.

The Report of the Nations Experts on the DRCongo published recently shows the support of Uganda to the M23 who all have refugee status in Uganda, this report came just to confirm what we all knew. These refugees organized themselves in Uganda, they benefited from the Humanitarian Relief Aid from UNHCR, they moved from Uganda up to eastern DRCongo on the eyes on UNHCR, and they committing all sorts of atrocities with the refugee status which they hold and which facilitate them to move freely in Uganda,

And finally since 1996 until now Rwanda uses the pretext of the Refugees to impose the war on us and UNHCR remains silent, yet we all know that the principal reason why Rwandan Armed Groups in DRCongo have guns is the because UNHCR failed to protect them.

Surprisingly UNHCR together with Rwanda and Uganda have aggressively organized campaigns to mobilize funds in the pretext or helping Congolese Refugees in Rwanda and in Uganda.

This is a typical misleading information if we can argue that the best way to support Congolese is to offer them humanitarian relief aid in Uganda and Rwanda, Congolese need to come back home and live in their villages which offer them better livelihood opportunities than the refugee camps in Uganda and Rwanda.

In brief

 We call on UNHCR to suspend all humanitarian aid to any countries mainly Uganda and Rwanda that exploits refugees in politics and armed struggle in DRCongo,

We call on UNHCR to engage the United Nations to impose sanctions on Uganda and Rwanda for using Refugees in Political and Military activities against DRCongo,

We call on UNHCR to break the silence on the manipulation of Refugees in Politics, and in Armed Struggle and to put an end to the Refugee Status of all THOSE who are in Politics and in Armed Struggle against either their country of origin or against their host country, especially refugees in Uganda and in Rwanda that are active in politics and in different armed groups,

We call upon all donors to stop all humanitarian relief aid to Uganda and Rwanda as a means to promote peace in DRCongo, because both Uganda and Rwanda have been in this business of creating refugees in DRCongo in order to fundraise from the donors,

We remind UNHCR that refugees in the great lakes region have been at the center of all wars in DRCongo and that should now stop, if UNHCR is not in position to handle the refugee issues, we shall mobilize various actors for actions against UNHCR activities in DRCongo and in the region,