Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos released on condition by the Police in Goma DRCongo

Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos released on condition by the Police in Goma DRCongo

Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos released on condition to come back when needed by the Police in Goma DRCongo on Thursday January 26th, 2023

We alerted you about Pecos being targeted by the Police from the Department of Intelligence in Goma, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pecos received the summon letter on Wednesday January 25th, 2023 instructing him to appear on Thursday January 26th, 2023 and in case of failure Pecos would be arrested the letter said, the objective of the letter was “ interactions”.

Pecos believes that for the last few weeks he was being followed up by unknown people and some refugees might have been used to track him, when all these options seemed not successful then there came the option of a summon letter.

As he appeared he was then briefed about the case which is the complaint from Esther Safi the MONUSCO Radio Presenter who animates a programme for the repatriation of ex-combatants and refugees back to Rwanda, through MONUSCO Security Department.

After an interrogation which lasted not more than one hour, Pecos was then informed that he was to be arrested for pretending to be a human rights defender and should be detained until the MONUSCO Security Officers came from a confrontation. Later on after interventions from the United Nations Human Rights Offices in Goma, Pecos was then released on condition that he commits to come back any time when needed.

Background information

North Kivu Province in DRCongo hosts thousands of refugees mainly from Rwanda, and Burundi, it is difficult to know their exact number because many among them have never been identified and therefore do not enjoy protection from both the United Nations and the Government of DRC, this is the basis of various refugee rights violations that have existed since they came in 1994 up to now.

In response to this refugee issue, the United Nations together with the Congolese Government put in place the only priority of repatriation of these refugees back to Rwanda, which is the only service available to them as of now. But there are so many challenges in this only service of repatriation which we believe violates refugee rights. Finally even UNHCR in DRCongo recognized in December 2022 during a press briefing that Rwandan refugees do not want to go back to Rwanda, however still many are forced to return either against their own will or basing on false information through a well-coordinated propaganda in which these refugees are exposed to, and one among these strategies is the Programme of returning back broadcasted by Radio Okapi.

Kulihoshi M Pecos, believes that DRCongo is much better placed to offer protection to all these refugees, and that there are better economic opportunities to refugees in DRCongo than in Rwanda, and that all interventions towards refugees should abide with the international obligations which DRCongo committed to.

That is why Pecos is being hunted by those who believe that refugees should be sent back home at all cost. We again share our convictions “Refugees are not the problems, but refugees have problems”.


Here is what we are proposing, just four (4) fundraising opportunities available now:

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2. The refugee Charcoal Project in response to the situation: Refugee Charcoal Project in Goma – North Kivu, DRC – GlobalGiving

3. Refugee Tailoring Project, as a response to issues affecting refugee women: Tailoring Center for Refugees in DRCongo – GlobalGiving

4. Refugee women handcraft Project, which will help women to earn a living: Refugee Handcraft Economic Empowerment in DRCongo – GlobalGiving

Thank you so much for your support to refugees in DRCongo