What you missed out about the recent situation of refugees in eastern DRCongo during this month

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So many things have happened and maybe you might have missed them out.

Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

The Democratic Republic of Congo is confronted with so many challenges, but the good news is that you can help and make a positive impact. Please join us either as a volunteer or as intern, find more here: “Volunteer and Internship opportunities in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo – GLOBAL REFUGEE LEADERS FORUM

Refugee issues in Geneva

The Democratic Republic of Congo Minister for Human Rights appeared to the United Nations Human Rights but did not say anything about refugees in DRCongo, yet refugee rights are massively violated in silence. There is a need for those in advocacy to work with the Minister in order to include refugees in his daily activities.

UNHCR Boss appeal for funding

UNHCR Geneva once again made an appeal for funding this week, one thing positive is that, this was the second UNHCR has recognized that DRCongo has the most forgotten humanitarian crises in the world. However on a negative note, UNHCR is still vague on the issues of refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo, UNHCR speaks more about Internally Displaced Persons and refugees rather than speaking about Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons.

Kinshasa DRCongo

The Democratic Republic of Congo President His Excellency Felix Tshisekedi held a meeting in Kinshasa with his counterpart Denis Sasoou Ngwesu from the Republic of Congo and one among the issue on the agenda, was the problems of Rwandan Refugees in Congo-Brazaville, who are not recognized and have no documents up to now.

Round-Table Conference for Peace in North Kivu and Ituri Provinces

This is being projected in November 2022 in order to solve the insecurity in these two provinces under the state of siege, but the questions remain: Will refugees be involved? What role should refugees play? Which refugees should represent others? Is UNHCR and CNR working on the issues of refugees?

Change of Amy Leadership in DRCongo

Refugees received this with hope and optimism that the new Army Leadership in the Democratic Republic of Congo will improve more on their protection and security by removing all officers who are connected to Rwanda in order to ensure that each refugee is protected in DRCongo.

But refugees are still waiting for more work to be done and to change the current leadership in the Congolese National Commission for Refugees known as CNR and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR who are perceived as close to Rwanda and aiding Rwanda to harm refugees in DRCongo.

Goma North Kivu- DRCongo

Of the recent we have engaged with journalists from the Voice of America about refugees in Detention Centers, Radio France International Kiswahili, Top Congo FM, Bora FM, Radio La Colombe and various online news media, on issues about refugees as part of creating awareness and information about the situation of refugees in eastern DRCongo. We have also engaged the audience in social media. On a negative note is that both UNHCR and CNR have not wanted to engage the media on this refugee issue, and in some cases even threatened some journalists.

Jackeline, a Rwanda refugee, was arrested and transferred to Kinshansa for working as a spy from Rwanda.

Jackeline is a Rwandan Refugee Young Girl living in Goma, she came from Kikongoro in Rwanda, and she is well-known by fellow refugees, she is among thousands of refugees who are not yet registered in DRCongo. She was recently arrested by the security services who accused her of working as intelligence services of Rwanda in order to assassinate Congolese Army Officers in North Kivu Province.  Refugees in Goma are jubilating because they feared her so much, some argued that she was involved in the killing, deportation, forced disappearance of so many Rwanda Refugees in North Kivu. Refugees want the Congolese Authorities to arrest more others who are working with Rwanda in North Kivu including all Rwandans hiding in UNHCR and CNR.


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