Volunteer and Internship opportunities in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Volunteer and Internship opportunities with various organizations in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

A Volunteer helping refugees in the Tailoring Training in Goma, DRCongo

Brief history about COJESKI/RDC

The Collective of Youth Organizations for Solidarity known as COJESKI/DRC was created in October 1993 and aimed at empowering young people to play various roles in their communities and participate actively in the country affairs. We are in the field of Peace, Human Rights, Good Governance, Democracy, Leadership, Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Actions.

Currently COJESKI/DRC is operating in the whole country and is composed of more than 180 youth Groups, Organizations, Think-Tanks, and other Youth Initiatives.


In order to support the Civil Society and other various social groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo to develop, we are here to encourage volunteers and interns to feel free to share their experience, knowledge and skills with local groups and organizations in DRC.

Priority Areas

Everything is a priority in the Democratic Republic of Congo currently and sometimes it is difficult to make a decision on what should come first, however we propose the following field:

Humanitarian Response

The focus here will be on refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPS) especially in key affected areas in Eastern DRCongo. The volunteer or intern will focus on three major programs:

Advocacy for refugee and IDPs’ protection: Which will aim at changing the attitudes of refugees, host communities, local authorities, Government Institutions and Development Partners,

Community work: Get involved in existing communities activities such as education both formal and informal, health programs, economic empowerment, skills development and trainings, among others,

Visibility of Refugees and IDPs: To ensure that their situation is well known at local, national and international levels and that various actors are encouraged to take strong commitment. This may be done through various campaigns, media engagement, events…..

Social Programs

The Government and Development Partners have put in place various programs which need more efforts in order to be improved and to benefit more people. Those programs are more in Education, Health, Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure, …

Community Work

This will focus on engaging with various organizations in their activities, sharing with them knowledge and experience and motivate them to be more active.

Placement of Volunteers and Interns

Three potentials areas are needed mainly: Working with Government Institutions, Working with International Humanitarian Organizations, and working with Community Initiatives in the field you may wish.

Fundraising opportunities

One among the key areas of each intern and volunteer is to be able to communicate through Social Media and organize fundraising events for various activities.

Costs during your stay in DRC

The volunteer and intern will cover all the costs to come in DRCongo, to live and DRCongo and other necessities. The Volunteer or Intern will be hosted by the organization or the group that may be interested to receive him/her. The Intern/ Volunteer will cover her rent, food, communication, and other bills,

When can I volunteer?

We shall are available to receive volunteers and interns throughout the year, it is also the volunteer and intern to determine the number of days, months to stay in DRC.


The volunteer or intern should be able to speak one among the following languages: French, English and Kiswahili.

Contact us

Collective of Youth Organizations for Solidarity in the Democratic Republic of Congo (COJESKI/DRC, COORDINATION OF NORTH KIVU),

Physical Address: After the Catholic University of La Sapientia on CCLK Road, in Kituku, Kyeshero, Goma, North Kivu – DRC

Tel: +243853191163, +243973704159