Our first Annual Report about refugees in DRCongo: Our silence has killed thousands of refugees in DRCongo since 1996 up to now

We invite you to do through this report on the most forgotten refugee population in the world: The refugee in the Democratic Republic of Congo, here is the report attached ” Refugee Report 2022

This in first of all is a paradox, we believe that you are more used to hear about influx of refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo towards others countries, this is much common.

However little information seems to exist about Refugees inside the Democratic Republic of Congo, and this brings out more attention of what should we think about the whole protection issues of refugees?

The purpose of this report is to share with you about these specific human beings who have been totally ignored over the years, this email serves the aim that you detach from those who do not know about these refugees.

Lastly this email aims at sharing with you, what we have achieved so far as we ventured last years in advocating for these refugees in what many people believed “impossible” and “suicidal mission”, so far the reality shows that this situation can be addressed.

Surprisingly we expected to get support from UNHCR and the government on ground but it is they who are making our work more complicated through various threats and intimidation.

Here is the full report attached ” Refugee Report 2022