Brief Information about our Press Confererence in Goma on the situation of refugees in eastern DRCongo

Brief Report of the Press Conference on the situation of Refugees in Eastern DRCongo.

As programmed, our Conference on the situation of refugees in eastern DRCongo was held on Friday December 3rd, 2021 starting at 10:30 am at our offices in Goma, DRCongo.

It was attended by 14 journalists from various media houses both local, national and international, and the presence of many refugees who also represented others who could not make it.

We started by welcome remarks and asked the media to do all they can in order to help to improve the situation of refugees in eastern DRCongo. After a presentation on the situation of refugees, questions were asked about the statistics of refugees, the relationship with UNHCR and CNR, the reasons why Rwandan are running away from Rwanda, where refugees stay in Goma, and those who have been victims of various violations.

Then that was followed by interviews in Kiswahili and in Kinyarwanda and individual interviews with refugees and then the end.

The following media attended:

Pole FM, Voice of America, TV5, La Colombe FM, D.W (Voice of German), La Prunelle News, RFI, Actualite.CD News, Forum des As News, Moliere TV, Les Volcans News, News, B.One News,

Various reactions:

UNHCR has reacted differently to our Press Conference and we would like to invite those who understand French to watch and read these links:

,, ,

UNHCR Goma has generally claimed about ignorance, indicated that some allegations are true, and has also claimed that the situation of refugees is worse especially as far as security is concerned.




Author: Kuliloshi Pecos