After a heavy fighting between the Congolese Army and the rebels of M23 thousands of Congolese seek asylum in Uganda

Thousands of refugees this time have fled to Uganda in the district of Kisoro. Making business in the name of refugees from Congo. Those who remain unprotected.

In the night of Sunday November 7th, 2021 a group of fighters from Rwanda attributed to M23 by the Congolese Army attacked several villages in Rutshuru pushing so many people to run to Uganda. Let us first of all understand the side of politics behind this. What interests do the rebels have to push people away from their villages? These rebels know they will not stay there? Their numbers are too small, and before the attack the population had made alarms but the army did not respond. Can we argue about the commercialization of human beings by creating a humanitarian crisis? This thesis seems to be the main interest behind the attack in Rutshuru in DRCongo that has pushed thousands of refugees away to Uganda.

We first observed similar acts like during the eruption of the Volcano in Goma, North Kivu DRCongo where the desire to create a humanitarian crisis dictated what should be done and the most beneficiaries were the humanitarians and the politicians.

Recently Rwanda had tried to displace people from Congo but it failed in Kibumba, last week attempts were made in Bukavu South Kivu to displace people but it did not also work out. This time is have worked in Rutshuru by displacing thousands of refugees from Congo.

The idea behind is just to make money.

Author: Kuliloshi Pecos