Mobilisation of Congolese to get involved in the protection of refugees in Eastern DRCongo

Involve Congolese local communities on issues of refugees in Eastern DRCongo

The first protection of refugees depends on the pacific coexistence with host communities at local levels, in the villages and with those who are their neighbors. This should pass through awareness campaigns targeting both sides in order to work together for the development of the communities where they live and for their common good.

But for over the years now this has never been done, and as consequences Congolese host communities do find themselves either with wrong information about refugees or without information about the presence of refugees in their communities. This has led to various acts which have reduced the protection space for many refugees who in many occasions become the targets of people in the local communities.

Often refugees are viewed as rebels, and sometimes as spies from their countries sent to harm or sometimes perceived as coming to grab land, or just illegal migrants who are coming to bring insecurity in the area.

In order to challenge this, we started providing information to some Congolese in our various social media about refugees and how the host communities should participate in their protection. After listing to us, some Congolese so far have volunteered to share with others in their various social media groups our activities focusing on refugees so that many people may be well informed and reduce the negative attitudes towards these refugees.

Those who have been our voices to others include the following, we cannot manage to bring all but we have selected these few now.

Author: Kuliloshi Pecos